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The basis for obesity: salt, sugar, fat

Some time ago I saw a broadcast from Radar in which Michael Moss is talking about resources in the food industry. As a result of this broadcast, I have read his book ‘Salt, Sugar, Fat’. In this blog, I list some interesting facts from his book. The facts mentioned in the investigations have deepened my view […]

The 4 most delicious Paleo breakfast recipes

What is Paleo anyway? Paleo is a lifestyle and also a diet. It is based on the way of life of primeval man. At that time people were still collectors and hunters and not farmers or farmers. Scientists have investigated what people ate then. After all, it is logical that in those days people ate […]

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Crash diets

Browsing through the ready-made weekly menu and the ready-made accompanying shopping list (thinking for yourself is out of the question) I already have slight doubts. First, there is the practical feasibility. How do you combine this with the rest of your family? How do you do that with your groceries if your list contains 50 grams of peeled […]

That is why pets are good for your health

Pets are of course very cozy. Although not everyone has the time for this. Cats are relatively easy to have as a pet. You only have to feed this and occasionally surprise with a loving hug. Dogs, on the other hand, require a little more time. Give attention The biggest ‘stumbling block’ is that you have to walk a […]