What is Paleo anyway? Paleo is a lifestyle and also a diet. It is based on the way of life of primeval man. At that time people were still collectors and hunters and not farmers or farmers. Scientists have investigated what people ate then. After all, it is logical that in those days people ate the products for which the metabolic system was best adjusted. People have lived that way for many thousands of years. Only later, when humans settled in settlements, were crops and livestock kept and the diet changed. Diseases and obesity are partly the results of this way of life. The purpose of the Paleo lifestyle is to prevent diseases by eating just as healthily as the primal man. Below a few Paleo recipes for breakfast.

Paleo pancakes

Paleo pancakes are the most sought after recipe on the internet. There are many variations, for example, with almond flour or nut paste. These often taste like egg. The banana pancake is also much in demand. But there is also a Paleo pancake with coconut. This is wonderfully airy and therefore fits perfectly in a healthy breakfast. Instead of wheat flour, use coconut flour for these tasty pancakes. Of course, there is coconut milk in the batter and you bake the coconut pancakes brown in coconut oil. A little honey is needed for sweetening.

Paleo oatmeal

Oatmeal is not Paleo, is it? No, that’s right, because cultivated grains don’t, of course, fit in a Paleo breakfast. However, you can also put a Paleo version of oatmeal on the table for breakfast. For this you use as basic tiger nut flour, also called chufa. This flour has nothing to do with nuts. Toppings are of course in the form of all kinds of fresh fruit. However, if you want a sugar-free topping, then cocoa nibs, Brazil nuts or almonds are possible.

Paleo waffles

Do you want to get started with the waffle maker for breakfast? That is also possible for a Paleo breakfast. For example, consider airy waffles with cinnamon apple flavor. You can also bake natural waffles and finish them completely with coconut cream, maple syrup or fresh fruit. That will be a breakfast to lick your fingers at. To make the waffles nice and airy, use coconut flour and coconut oil. For the apple cinnamon flavor, a medium-sized apple and 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon are sufficient for a truly refined taste.

Paleo Bread

Of course, bread belongs to a Paleo breakfast and there is a recipe where the bread can also be baked without eggs. The taste is really tasty and is reminiscent of a creamy cake. The main ingredients are linseed, pumpkin seeds, tapioca, coconut flour, and arrow nut. Olive oil provides extra smoothness and a refined taste. You can realize the sweetish taste that reminds you of the cake by adding apple cider and honey. Baking such a Paleo bread takes about an hour. The bread can also be frozen for extra-long enjoyment.

Enjoy your Paleo breakfast!