Everyone knows that feeling of nausea and wants to get rid of it as quickly as possible. There are many home remedies and one of the best known is cola. But cola against nausea, does that really help?

Coke against nausea

If you look on the internet, you will often read that cola helps as a natural remedy when you are nauseous. Cola is also recommended for vomiting, to remedy the effects of nausea due to alcohol and many other things. Why does cola help against nausea? Is cola good for the stomach? That information is usually not mentioned. It should calm the stomach and therefore work so well with all kinds of physical discomfort. It is also striking that the advice to use cola as a home remedy is often contradictory as to how this can best be done. Where one opinion says that cola should be used without a puncture and at room temperature, another speaks of ice cold cola with puncture for the same ailment. The way you should drink it is also regularly recommended differently.

The scientific proof

There is no scientific evidence that cola helps against nausea and it has not been proven during investigations. And although the formula for the real cola is of course a secret, there are no ingredients in cola that have an effect that could calm the stomach. Nevertheless, very similar advice from grandma’s time is usually based on observations over a long period. For example, cola can be used to treat stomach pain so that it can indeed help dissolve stomach stones. It certainly does not matter whether the cola is without a shot and also the temperature and the way you drink it does not matter. The ingredients in the cola just do the job when they end up in the stomach.

Then why does cola help against nausea?

Perhaps you have tried it yourself as a natural remedy because you wanted to get rid of that nasty nausea as quickly as possible or to remedy nausea caused by alcohol. The experts then think that the psychological aspect will play a role. If you are sufficiently convinced of how it works, such a product can certainly help.

Which remedies really soothe the stomach?

Although little is known about how nausea occurs and why the body reacts in this way, it is known that ‘soothing’ the stomach helps to combat the effects of nausea. Ginger is a medicine that has been scientifically determined to calm the stomach. So if you are nauseous, it is better to try a cup of ginger tea than a glass of coke with or without a shot.

If you have become drunk and want to prevent the nausea from alcohol as much as possible, it is a good idea to eat some dry bread. The bread does not disturb the stomach, but the alcohol will be broken down sooner if your digestive system is started.