Browsing through the ready-made weekly menu and the ready-made accompanying shopping list (thinking for yourself is out of the question) I already have slight doubts. First, there is the practical feasibility. How do you combine this with the rest of your family? How do you do that with your groceries if your list contains 50 grams of peeled shrimp, 6 sun-dried tomatoes and so on? Secondly, and certainly not less important: what about the provision of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients?

Crash Diets and the Daily Recommended Quantity

I want to prove hard. I want to know if such diets meet the nutrient and quantity standards. So I make a quick calculation to see if this ‘diet’ is sufficient. I choose a random daily menu: day 3 of week 2. I come to the following conclusion: a total of 1160 kcal. 22 grams of dietary fiber – about half of what a person needs in a day. Further shortages of: calcium, magnesium, iron, selenium, zinc, vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E, folic acid, vitamin B12, vitamin B1, vitamin B2. In short, just about the only vitamin that is sufficient in the diet is vitamin C.

In itself it is not bad to get too little of a vitamin one day; broadly it must be balanced over a longer period. But a diet of less than 1200 kcal daily? It is simply not possible to get enough nutrients. Also not enough energy by the way: 1200 kcal is about half of what an average person needs in a day.

Practical feasibility of crash diets

And there comes the issue of practical feasibility. There is a pack of chocolate flakes in the cupboard that you needed for 1 slice of bread on day 1. The same goes for a broken pack of vanilla custard and a can of whipped cream. The sum seems to me relatively simple. Because what happens if you sit on the couch at 10 o’clock in the evening creating the hunger after your grilled 100-gram steak with a little bit of vegetables? A perfect moment to make up the ‘leftovers’ because it is a shame to throw it away.


Such crash diets do not work. To lose weight you will have to make consistent changes to your purchases, eating habits and exercise patterns. But this is simply not possible in 8 weeks; This takes time. You prefer to change your lifestyle under expert guidance, and you do that mainly because you want to. And then the kilos may not fly off, no. But the moment you want to get back into your bikini, you are that number of kilos lighter than you would otherwise have arrived long and wide after your 8 week AD project.