Pets are of course very cozy. Although not everyone has the time for this. Cats are relatively easy to have as a pet. You only have to feed this and occasionally surprise with a loving hug. Dogs, on the other hand, require a little more time.

Give attention

The biggest ‘stumbling block’ is that you have to walk a dog several times a day. A dog also needs considerably more attention than a cat. This is of course all worth it. After all, you have a very loyal companion in it. And you are naturally happy to take care of such a reliable friend. Run loosely, take care of your coat regularly and feed well with, for example, dry chunks or wet food from Platinum.

Pet part of the family

Both dogs and cats are really part of the family and you get a lot of love from them. Having pets is also good for your health. That way dog owners would live longer. What other (health) benefits are there more to having a pet? You can read that in this article!

Good mood

Various studies show that having a pet is good for your mood. For example, pet owners are logically less lonely, but these people are generally happier and they trust others better. By walking your dog you move more than average. That also does a lot with your mood. And it appears that women in particular are very happy with cats .

Healthy children

The same studies also show that babies grow up in an environment with pets are less likely to develop asthma and allergies. In addition, the immune system of these children would be better and they will therefore fall ill less quickly.

No stress

Stroking a pet such as a dog, cat or, for example, a rabbit feels naturally delicious. Go with your hands through the soft fur of the animal while you can feel its warm body. Did you know that this lowers your blood pressure and that your body relaxes from head to toe. So you are as it were relaxed!

More confidence

In addition, having a pet also gives you more confidence, really! A pet will never judge you by your appearance and is always happy to see you. It doesn’t matter what you look like, the beast is already happy to be home again!

Reduce (chance of) depressive feelings

It appears that having a pet is also good in case of depression and reducing it. Pets provide social support in their own way and they will never let you down. Pets also give a huge dose of love. That gives a happy feeling!

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